Kizhanatham Family Tree

This web site is dedicated to our late father, Sri. K. V. Athinatha Iyengar born in 1902. Our father developed an interest in his younger years to trace our family roots and record the information for posterity. In pursuing his interest, he had numerous conversations with several elders from the village to gather data about the siblings of each generation along patriarchal lines. The project covering several decades resulted in massive amounts of data which required careful sorting and cataloging by family. The only tool available to our father at that time was a portable typewriter. He painstakingly checked the validity of the data from more than one source, sorted them out, and developed a comprehensive recording system with cross-referencing features. Until his death in 1996 at age 94, he continued to devote considerable effort to refine the system in order to make it comprehensible to anyone not familiar with our family history. As a result of his labor, we are now able to share the history of our family that spawns twelve generations and stretches back to 1760’s based on available information.

When our father was growing up, the village had no electricity and had only a one-room elementary school (Grades 1 and 2). Upon completion of Grade 2, students had to go to another city (Palayamkottai) located five miles from the village to attend middle and higher school. Since there was no public transportation between the village and the city, students walked each morning and evening under all kinds of weather to attend classes in St. Xavier’s High School (a Jesuit institution).

Following are some photographs of our Grand Parents and my Father during his mid-career with South Indian Railways:

My Father while he worked in Southern Railways   Sri. K. V. Athinatha Iyengar
Farthest left is K.V. Vedantham Iyengar, My Father K.V. Athinatha Iyengar, My Mother S.C. Lakshmi Ammal (Standing), My Grandmother Janaki Ammal, My Aunt Kurungadi (standing), My Grandfather K.V. Venkatarama Iyengar and on his lap is my aunt’s son Rajamani,  Sitting in the front is my aunt’s daughter Singaram.  To the right is my great uncle K.V. Venkatavaradhan. In his lap is his daughter Padma, his wife and my Uncle K.V. Nambhi Iyengar.
My Great Grandfather K. V. Venkatavaradhan
My Grand Parents K. V. Venkatarama Iyengar and Janaki Ammal
My Father & Mother Sri. V. Athinatha Iyengar and Smt. S.C. Lakshmi

Although considerable work has been done so far, the family tree project is far from complete.  Please feel free to browse among the various branches of the family tree.  If you have more information about any of the families or individuals listed or if you would like to offer any additions or corrections to the information presented, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

By Andal Krishnamurthy